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We are deeply committed to land stewardship, ethical production and sustainable harvest.


Our Focus is on Health and Wellbeing

We believe Australians should be able to choose food that creates a healthy life, full of energy and vitality. This is the way we are created to live.


Good Old-Fashioned Food from the Farm

Our passion influences every step of the value chain. This starts with the use of ethically driven heritage genetics, purpose-bred for animal wellbeing. This produces healthy, natural and nutritious food, just the way nature intended.


Organic Pasture Raised Chickens

Our chickens are naturally grown on biodynamic pastures and have access to clean water. They roam freely during the day and have access to an additional organic protein and grain mix.

We are totally passionate about our ethical regenerative responsibility to animals, the land and people.



Zac Jex-Blake | Owner

Our Farm Story


Zac grew up in New Zealand, living in rural farming areas most of his life. He learned to appreciate the value of hard work and the opportunity to know where his food was grown. On moving to Australia, he enjoyed working in the construction and mining industry until an accident forced him to re-evaluate his life path.


Completing his rehabilitation at Perth City Farm, Zac was inspired to produce a farming model that grows healthy, regenerative, organic food. His journey began and led him to intensive research into the organic chicken industry.


Our farm is situated in the idyllic Great Southern Region of Western Australia. Only 25 km west of Albany in the coastal zone, our animals forage 160 acres of beautiful certified bio dynamic green pasture and natural bush land.


As a family team, we are dedicated to growing your food ethically and in a regenerative manner. We use chemical-free, organic farming methods and holistically manage the land. Our family believes in the humane and responsible care of your food.


Alderton’s Farming hold the welfare of our birds as our highest priority. We provide our chickens with a healthy, happy and safe environment.

Ethical, regenerative farming


Sommerlad Heritage Breed Chickens

Our organic, heritage Sommerlad Chickens enjoy the cooler temperate climate of the south coast. They are dutifully guarded by our gorgeous maremma guardian dogs Jet, Caesar, Felix and George. Our boys keep our chickens safe 24/7. This allows them to live as nature intended. They forage for insects, enjoy time in the sun and take dust baths when they choose.


Alderton’s chickens are slowly grown over 12-14 weeks. This care provides a healthy, nourishing taste sensation. Our chickens are renowned as succulent and flavoursome, with tasty thick skin.


And it gets better – Quality and Quantity…


Alderton’s take time and care to grow this fantastic food. You get quality, tasty chicken and lots of it!


Alderton’s whole chickens are much larger than conventional commercial chickens. Our chickens average between 2 – 4kg (some as large as 5kg). This delicious, natural food means you don’t need to add salt. Experience the taste of sumptuous, real chicken.


The meat is divine and has a higher nutrient density. There’s plenty of meat to share – we find there’s always left overs.

How We Like To Cook


Lower temperatures

Our slower growing, outdoor heritage bred chickens develop firm texture and rich flavours. These special birds need to be cooked slower than modern, fast-grown chickens. Use lower temperatures and moist cooking methods.


Precook in a steam bath

For the perfect roast, precook in an 110oC oven in a steam bath. This may take 2-3 hours, depending on size. Cook the day before you plan to eat and place in the refrigerator overnight.


Oven for crispy brown skin

When you are ready to eat, rub it down to remove any excess moisture and place in a preheated oven at 200 – 220oC for approximately 30 minutes. Watch the skin go crispy brown.

If stuffing the bird; this decreases the rate of time the bird will cook from the inside, so adjust cooking times accordingly.


Sustainable eating

We are all about sustainable living here at Alderton’s Farming. We believe in sustainable practices, including “nose to tail no waste”. Keep the liquid from the steaming to make a tasty gravy. The yummy excess fat is great with roast veg. Your family will love the flavour of a nutritious bone broth made from leftover bones. We leave the chicken’s feet on so you can add them to a bone broth to make it extra gelatinous.

Let Us Know

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Where To Find Us


Perth North of the River

Organic on Charles
299 Charles St, North Perth WA 6006

Nourish & Flourish Organics
Shop 7/515 Walter Rd East, Morley WA 6062

Perth South of the River

Peaches Fresh Supermarket
195 Hampton Rd, South Fremantle WA 6162

The Organic Collective
3 Greenslade St, Hamilton Hill WA 6163

Pistachios Organic Pantry
14/16 Sustainable Ave, Bibra Lake WA 6163

The South West

Gathered Organic Margaret River
7 Burton Road, Margaret River WA 6285

The Plant Organic Cafe & Market
1/20 Stephen Street, Bunbury WA 6231

The Good Food Shed, Bornholm (Seasonal)
3 Shepherds Lagoon Rd, Bornholm WA 6330

Nourish Organic Cafe and Grocer
53 Albany Hwy, Albany WA 6330

Denmark Health Shop
39 Strickland St, Denmark WA 6333

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